Aydin Huseyin's gender neutral  collection was inspired by the dynamic energetic gestures found in the works of the great expressionist artists Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Franz Kline, & Conrad Marca-Relli. Studying the artists processes, Aydin developed prints and details in his collection by adopting the same techniques used by these greats.


Feeling frustrated by the over digitised and automation of the Australian fashion industry, Aydin went on the develop his print concepts without the aid of digital software and used the misregistrations in the experimental hand printed screen prints as features in the garments representing the importance of the valuing handwork of artisans and makers. The collection was also heavily inspired by Aydin’s passion for traditional tailoring, sportswear and the urban streets of the Inner West where he lives.  

© 2016 by Aydin Huseyin

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